What is the product range, features, benefits etc?

Currently the company provides Diesel Generater sets ranging from 5 kVA to 625 kVA. The engine which is the heart of the DG set is manufactured in a state-of-art manufacturing unit at Mumbai, India. The main features are: A1 Class governing, low running Costs, fuel efficiency, low vibration and zero leak, and high power to weight ratio. Overall, the total cost of ownership will be one of the best in the industry.

Where are these products used? For instance, can I run an AC, or other household equipment, medical equipment or other machinery on it?

All resistive and inductive loads can be run on these machines. In fact, these Gensets can take 100% block load at one go. For example – 10 KVA machine can run two Window AC units plus the usual residential loads.

What is the service or maintenance requirement?

The Genset need to be serviced at an interval of 500 hrs. The topping up of coolant is not required in between the services.

Who will provide the service?

We have a large network of Authorised service network across the country. Please go through our network details on the website to approach your nearest M&M or dealer office.

What factors need to be considered while selecting a Genset?

The Genset rating should be about 20% higher than your actual running loads as all Genset ideally run best at 80% loads. Also while selecting capacity starting loads (Current) of motors should be taken into consideration. Please contact our sales dealers or Agni Motoinc’s office in your area who will depute an engineer to your place to help select the Genset as well as give guidance on the site selection.

What if there is a sudden malfunction, whom to contact, where and how?

Please contact the Area Service Dealer. In case of any difficulty, you may then approach the Agni Motoinc HO or regional office.

Are these products warranted for performance, period, hours, whatever?

The engines are warranted for 1200 running hours or One year whichever comes earlier.

Who will give this warranty support?

Our area dealer will give the necessary warranty support. You also can contact our regional office in case of any difficulty.

Requisites for a proper Installation?

The Genset should be placed in an open area/room which has sufficient cross ventilation. The neutral and body should be earthed/grounded separately. It should be placed on a level floor. The Genset should be protected from rain and dust.